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I'm the Co-Executive Director (and Co-Founder) of the Food Systems Institute for Research, Engagement, and Learning at Colorado State University, along with several other titles. I'm also a son, brother, husband, father, and someone who's deeply concerned about the wellbeing of present and future generations. Want to learn more? 


The books I write tend to center on at least one of the following three issues: sustainability, food and agriculture, and prosperity. In addition to writing books for a popular audience, I am a social theorist and public speaker. 
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While America’s new reality appears to be a deeply divided body politically, many are wondering how we can or should move forward from here. Can political or social divisiveness be healed? Is empathy among people with very little ideological common ground possible? In A Decent Meal, Michael Carolan finds answers to these fundamental questions in a series of unexpected places: around our dinner tables, along the aisles of our supermarkets, and in the fields growing our fruits and vegetables. What is more common, after all, than the simple fact that we all need to eat?