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"No One Eats Alone is a singular specimen..."!

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No One Eats Alone:

Food as a Social Enterprise (May 2017)

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In addition to writing books for a popular audience, I am a social theorist and public speaker.  

Books, books and more books.           The books I write tend to center on at least one of the following three issues: sustainability, food and agriculture, and prosperity. 

About Michael Carolan

I'm a Professor of Sociology and Associate Dean for Research in the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University.  I'm also a son, brother, husband, father as well as someone who's deeply concerned about the well-being of present and future generations. Want to learn more? 
​​​Advance Praise

​​“Beyond eye-opening, this meticulously researched, deeply compelling
narrative is a call to action. The revelation within is that what we eat is
profoundly social. And therein lie the seeds for the next food revolution. I
doubt I’ll eat or shop the same again.”
— KATHY EDIN, author of $2 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America
and Bloomberg Distinguished Professor, Johns Hopkins University

“Since time immemorial, stories have been central to human communities. Michael Carolan is a beautiful storyteller, one whose words, as you will feel, are from the heart. And yet, Michael’s words are also brilliantly rigorous and thoughtful. What else can I say?”
— BRUNO SOBRAL, Director, One Health Institute, Colorado State

​“In highly accessible prose, and without resorting to the solipsism of
popular food writers, Michael Carolan does what few food scholars have
ventured: warmly engages readers to think about where their food comes
from. This easy-to-digest book is chock-full of stealth lessons on topics
ranging from the Green Revolution to food quality standards to food
fortification to social science methods. Carolan invites readers to actively
participate in the foodscape, recognizing that changing it will
take collective action and not just fork-voting.”
— JULIE GUTHMAN, author of Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice, and
the Limits of Capitalism
and Professor of Social Sciences, University
of California, Santa Cruz

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